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a training grounds $$$$ question

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those of you with rockin' cool training grounds.
How much do you charge folk for a day of training on your property?

those of you who pay to use training grounds.
How much are you charged and what do you get in return?
Firm place to park your truck, locked gate to play behind, mowed grounds.... that kind of stuff???
it is nice to get behind closed doors.
thank you all
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Three Clubs I am a life member. Club number 1 you can come as a guest twice then you join with a 100 member cut-off and are put on a waiting list ,we put on field trial and one hunt test a year. We share with Spaniels and Pointers. Club #2 No guests you pay $100. for a few training days or you join, two trials a year, two hunt tests and a OH Qual with a hunt test. Club #3 guests twice then you join two trials, two hunt tests a year. #2 and #3 are open memberships. More productive to join and get ample time for work hours to cut down expenses for membership and yes we are lucky here in the Mid-West to have such grounds owned by the Three Clubs. All three clubs have club houses and two have bird pens for members to use birds along with freezers etc for dead birds. Allowance days are made for Pros days and Amateur days during the week. Pros can purchase a Membership with #2 and #3. No Pros , except thier own dogs on #1.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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