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a training grounds $$$$ question

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those of you with rockin' cool training grounds.
How much do you charge folk for a day of training on your property?

those of you who pay to use training grounds.
How much are you charged and what do you get in return?
Firm place to park your truck, locked gate to play behind, mowed grounds.... that kind of stuff???
it is nice to get behind closed doors.
thank you all
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The place I train most often is $10 for the first dog, $5 for additional dogs. There is a sign in sheet and box to drop the money into as you enter the property. You can also purchase a season pass for $300. Easy access to fields and ponds via roads and ATV use makes it even easier. First come, first serve on training areas but there are 8 ponds and plenty of land to train on so it's not usually an issue. If you want a specific pond or area, get there early.

That is a wonderful looking property, how early in the year can the water be used?
It depends a bit on the year but usually mid to late April is a safe bet.

How did you ever get out of that place?
That's funny right there.

We're lucky here in that a local club allows unlimited, year round access to 300 plus acres with some decent water included in your annual membership of $35 per family.

It's about a 45 min drive for me. About 40 for the Burlington Ranch I mentioned earlier. Can't complain.

What do field trial clubs pay land owners when they use their property for trials in such places as Georgia or Texas?

Do they pay a set amount per dog or a flat fee for the weekend? Or do the entire proceeds from the trial go to the land owners?
If that were the case how could clubs afford to hold trials?

Easy, everything is paid for, birds, judges, shells, etc. and what is left over goes to pay the land owners for the use of the property. who pays for broken wingers, missing radios, other broken and misplaced misc. equipment?

Maybe it's just me but the clubs I'm a member of can't afford to hold tests for long if they just break even every time.

To answer your first question, around here it's anywhere from $1000 - $1500 per event or $10 per entry depending on where the
test is held.

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