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I have a 7 m/o that tore her ACL and im going to have it fixed on monday.
What is the recovery time and what are the chances she will do it again ? She is a hard charging high rolling little ball of fire and I have high hopes for now this happens. I need some answers from some of you that have had this happen to them before. Im am only a 3 year newbie to the sport and I need all the info I can get on her chances for recovery.
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If you want to have a TPLO done you'll just have to wait a few months until dogs bones are fully grown, usually at about 9 months.
I recommend you talk with Dr Gary Spodnick at Vet Speciality in Cary NC. He did the surgery on my 9 month old after he tore it at 6 months and as mentioned above Dr John Sherman of Vethab is the go to guy for the rehab.
Normally at about 12 weeks post op a dog that has had the TPLO surgery and professional rehab will be ready for training and competition without limitation.
The guys mentioned above are THE ones people in the know trust with very valuable dogs.
Right, that's why I stated "9 months".
No big deal to hold off for a few months.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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