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I have a 7 m/o that tore her ACL and im going to have it fixed on monday.
What is the recovery time and what are the chances she will do it again ? She is a hard charging high rolling little ball of fire and I have high hopes for now this happens. I need some answers from some of you that have had this happen to them before. Im am only a 3 year newbie to the sport and I need all the info I can get on her chances for recovery.
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My 8 year-old girl is starting her 3rd week of recovery. She was in a lot of pain the first fews days. She had a hard time squatting to pee, we had a few accidents in the crate… She just wouldn’t go outside because it hurt to squat. She was trying to put weight on the knee by the third day. We are having a hard time keeping this girl relaxed. She spends most of the day inside the house and is sleeping on the bedroom floor a night….She likes her rehab.
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