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I have a 7 m/o that tore her ACL and im going to have it fixed on monday.
What is the recovery time and what are the chances she will do it again ? She is a hard charging high rolling little ball of fire and I have high hopes for now this happens. I need some answers from some of you that have had this happen to them before. Im am only a 3 year newbie to the sport and I need all the info I can get on her chances for recovery.
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I am new to the these FT & HT games so pardon me for even posting on this thread. I am just curious.
Of the three young pups mentioned, is there a relationship in their lines? If not, I personally would doubt a genetic connection.
I wonder if our young pups are being ask to train harder, run faster and harder to get that win or title before they are physically ready or conditioned to do the job.
Not pointing fingers. Just wondering why we are seeing more and more posts discussing CCL in young dogs?

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