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Ok guys AKC and Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club are going to try it again. This time there is plenty of time to make arrangements. Please let us know if you are interested, here and with the contact person below.
Also below is the information about the event.

You are cordially invited to attend the first Advanced Judges’ Seminar for Retriever Hunt Tests to be held in Smyrna/LaVergne, Tennessee (southeast of Nashville), hosted by the Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club.

This notice is for informational purposes only; full details will be forthcoming at a later date.

Date is the weekend of March 27 and 28, 2004 (Saturday AND Sunday)
Host Hotel will be the Days Inn Smyrna
Seminar is open to ANYONE who has taken a Basic Seminar
Attendance of the Advanced Seminar by those individuals will count toward the required three year attendance of a seminar for continued eligibility to judge (people who want to get into judging must first attend the Basic Seminar)
The individuals who attend the Advanced Seminar AND have at least six (6) Master judging points will be exempt from further seminar attendance provided they take and pass, with at least a 95% accuracy rate, an open book examination. This test must be taken and returned to the AKC, Raleigh, NC, Attention: Performance Events, within ten (10) days of completion of the Advanced Seminar.
First day (Saturday) will be indoors in a classroom setting at the Smyrna Town Center (located behind the Days Inn). A buffet style luncheon will be provided.

Second day (Sunday) will be dedicated to outdoor work at the Poole Knobs Wildlife Management Area (site of our field trials and hunt tests) and will include actually setting up and running all three levels of testing with at least four dogs in each level. The scoring of dog performance will be done by all and then open discussion of those scores.

We must have (per AKC) attendance of at least 50 participants (club discounts of 5+ people registering together will be given). The fee has not been determined yet and will depend on our costs for classroom rental, birds, lunches, and other expenses that we are looking into.

We are looking into the possibility of continuing (optional) onto Monday for those that would like to stay another day and take advantage of our wonderful grounds for training.

I wanted to get something out to everyone for planning purposes. If you have already taken a Basic Seminar and are due (or close to being due) for a renewal of the three-year requirement, this is a great opportunity to get a little more bang for your buck and be part of the first ever Advanced Judges’ Seminar. We have all asked for this, and need to support the efforts of the AKC to develop this program.

Please feel free to call or email me for further information and/or to add you to the attendee list. Tommy Fairchild and Al Previte are also good contacts, should you see them out and about during your travels during the next few months.

SHERIE CATLEDGE [email protected] Home: 615.888.DOGS Cell: 615.337.6777


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Heya Sherrie!

Yes, I would attend the advanced seminar; but no, I won't be attending the one you are holding. Too far away - I'll just have to wait until we get another on the east coast :)


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Same here Sherrie, I think it sounds great and I hope that someone out here does one but since I live in California, it is out of the question to attend. Good luck though, hope it goes well.

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I would also attend if it was on this coast. It would be even more attractive if I had one more Master judging assignment and would be exempt for life after taking the written test.


I plan on going if I can get a regular seminar in before that time.

ps, guys -- it's tommy fairchild that posted the thread, not sherrie! :)


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With this much advanced notice, the potential of never having to attend another judge's seminar, and the great grounds and hospitality of the MTARC involved, I'll be amazed if it flops.

My comment to Kristie was based on a situation in the recent past where I tried to properly attribute a post to its originator, simply as a point of order. Someone took umbrage and a :agrue: ensued. It was too much ado about nothing.

Just trying to pre-empt that here...'s all.

Keith Griffith
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