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Airflow bumpers

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Are these bumpers still being made? I can’t find a source to purchase them anywhere.

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You could say a novena to Dottie Metcalf that such retrieving manna will fall from heaven...

Hard to believe Auburn U put so much R&D dough from her endowment and with a viable rationale for developing them, and just a few short years later, pfffft, can you say, as rose and I would, Cow College cash burn rate...

I did see they were still being sold until recently in a couple of EU countries and Airflow FB page still offers a buy option but my interest didn't go any further.

Send a message to Don Smith. He had some experience with the sales side of Air-flow but gave up. He may be able to give you some insight. From my talking to Don plus discussions with Auburn people, it wouldn't surprise me but that there are some legal issues relating to the proprietary rights to the design.
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