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AKC/Eukanuba Nat'l Champ. Dog Show

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I just finished watching the sporting portion of the dog show, and I have to say that it was disgusting. The visla, the flat coated retriever, and the chessie looked like a hunting dog should. The cockers looked like little froo-froo lap dogs, the pointers were good looking, the lab looked like Uga the bulldog(the University of Georgia mascot). The larger spaniels looked like they were on the brink of a heart attack after one lap around the ring. The golden was good looking, but a little short and heavy. WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE KIDDING??? My hat is off to the breeders of the visla, flat coat, and chessie. They are the only ones who seem to have a clue. Some of those folks need to check out a hunt test or might open their eyes.

raving and ranting regards,
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Feeling cranky....

The big advantage the Chesapeake folks have is that the breed is a lot less popular, so it's a lot less competitive in the show ring. In Labs and Goldens, you have to defeat a whole lot more dogs to get points and majors--so you have to focus extra hard on getting that winning conformation. The drift of fashionable type is, I think, beyond any individual to control. It tends toward more bone, more coat, more "tremendous reach and drive."

I am really happy that the Chesapeake breed is not badly split, but feel it's more a matter of numbers than anything we can take credit for. Also working ability seems more persistent in Chesapeakes not specifically bred for it (than in Labs and Goldens). I don't know why.

Does anybody know the name of the yellow Lab? I'm wondering if it's a dog I know...I was privileged to meet a yellow who has since become the top winning show Labrador, a bitch named Lacey. I trained another dog for her owner, who ran Lacey on a setup or two. If that's who the dog is, don't doubt for a moment that she is hard-going and can *mark*.

Goldens vary a lot, like them all, but I've trained and/or worked with owners of some show-bred Goldens with a ton of ability and brains. It's unpredictable, and I wouldn't direct anyone to seek out a show-bred dog for hunting, but they aren't all bad. They can be mighty good.

Amy Dahl
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Are the field-trial Labs thought to have "lost" something as to looks or conformation? I have photos of some of the old-time greats of the breed, including Dual Chs Shed of Arden and Little Pierre of Deer Creek, a nice one of three sons of Grangemead Sharon, etc. and to me they look like today's field-trial Labs. The heights and weights given in the Labrador breed standard fit field-trial Labs that are well-muscled and in working condition.

Showing is a fine endeavor, but to me the photographs (as well as the height-weight standard) make it clear that the type that has drifted is the show type, not the field-trial type. Perhaps form really does follow function.

Amy Dahl
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