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AKC MH Test/Diversion/Poison Bird Scoring

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In an AKC Master HT, how would the following scenario be scored: While enroute to a Blind, a diversion bird is launched, becomes a poison bird. Handler successfully gets dog to Blind. Dog returns and is launched to pick up diversion bird (understood you can handle on a diversion bird), handler gets dog to bird.

My question is in regards to scoring as per the categories on the judges sheet. Since this was a blind, are the same factors considered in picking up the diversion? Does the scoring only reflect results as per the blind or are the categories "averaged" in on the pick up of the diversion bird as to scoring the Blind?

If dog scored a 9 on the Blind, then got goofy/sloppy on the diversion pick up, is that affecting the score on the Blind? Is the diversion pick up being scored on it's own for Style/Perseverance/Trainability?
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I score the diversion bird seperately. I would not go so far as to say recovery of the diversion bird is pass/fail, but darned close to it.

the diversion birds i have used in this manner stick out like a sore thumb anyways. never had a dog struggle to recover one.

I don't like this test on the land blinds. The fast dogs are at too much risk of quickly getting themselves in a hole that the handler can't dig out of. it's a great test on the water. It's especially useful when the water you have to work with lacks character.-Paul
Thanks Paul,
I posed this as a "hypothetical" situation. I set this situation up in a training session on a land blind. "WE" did an excellent job on the blind, the diversion bird pick up wasn't pretty but I wouldn't have warranted it a Fail. It just got me thinking as to how Judges might score it.
Per the rulebook it is a trainability/control issue.
Absolutely, my questions pertains to "how do you score", as part of the BLIND score or separate on the blind/diversion? Is the Blind score equal to the average of it's parts or do the "parts" receive merits specific to the task?
Just curious, had the dog already been sent to the blind when the diversion bird was launched or was the diversion bird/poison bird launched prior to the dog leaving the line?
The dog was sent on the Blind. The DB/PB was launched while the dog was en-route to the blind.
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