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Open - May 28, 2005 26 starters
Judges - Ernie Rose & Ken Walsh

1st Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko - Larry Calvert
2nd Jazztime Smokejumper v Pekisko - Larry Calvert
3rd FTCH AFTCH Wiccan of Maralan - Marlene Herrington
4th FTCH AFTCH Clubmead's Autumn Breeze MH CDX - Sue Taylor
RCM FTCH AFTCH Pekisko's Round Trip - Sharon van der Lee
CM Ram River Spring Fever - Bob James

Junior - May 28, 2005 16 starters
Judges - John van der Lee & Darren Roemer

1st RDC's Jazztime Trips Ink Spot - Ron Adlington
2nd Revilo's Cutting Edge - Tom Murray
3rd Revilo's Red Hot Rumors - Marcy Borgford
4th Jazztime Empty Wallet - Larry Calvert
RCM Walk On The Wild Side - Jim Swanson
CM Revilo's Gunz'N Roses - Marg Murray
Blais Rivermist Recherche - Debra Blais
Taylorlab's True Blue - Garry Taylor

Puppy - May 28, 2005 4 starters
Judges - Dan Danforth & Jeff Sanders

1st ??? - Larry Calvert
2nd West - Charles Tyson
3rd Sweep - Sherrill Elm
4th Wilson - Dan Danforth

Amateur - May 29, 2005 27 starters
Judges - Dan Danforth & Darren Roemer

1st FTCH AFTCH Pekisko's Round Trip - Sharon van der Lee
2nd FTCH AFTCH Cisco - Al McKean
3rd FTCH AFTCH Just'A Storm Code - Gord Benn
4th FTCH AFTCH Meadowcreek's AM Express - Murray Murphy
RCM Watersedge Misty Morning - Kim Peterson

Qualifying - May 29, 2005 16 starters
Judges - Ernie Rose & Marg Murray

1st Taylorlab's True Blue - Garry Taylor
2nd Revilo's At Full Tilt JFTR CD - Marcy Borgford
3rd Revilo's Coal Dust - Ray Koskinen
4th Pekisko's Painted Smile - Sharon van der Lee
RCM Wingbusters Indecent Proposal - Lois Aitken
CM Trimarcs Brown Neo - Murray Murphy

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That wasn't a shabby weekend for you Sharon. Congrats on the RCM in the open and the amateur Blue, and it looks like you've got a young on coming on in the Q.

Good going lady!

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Just saw this thread, GREAT WEEKEND For you and the dogs!!! Congradulations and keep on keepin on Gals.

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