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All the talk of evaluating conformation how

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does one evaluate a litter for performance? What do you look for when determining your pick puppy?
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I want the whole package and honestly think it can be done. I also narrow the choices down for my buyers and so far, so good. So I think it depends in part how much time the breeder is spending w/ the litter actually watching the pups and trends.
The original poster was looking for performance evaluation in the litter. I guess it depends on what the phrase "whole package" means to the breeder. To me it means a field champion that is structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. To some people it means an obedience or agility dog. IMHO, it is usually impossible to pick out a future field champion from an 8 week old litter, even though I did once, it had a lot to do with the strong pedigree, owners, training, and knowing they were knowlegible enough to give the dog every chance to succeed. The characteristics you are looking for in a high end performance litter aren't determined by just throwing a pigeon. If it were that easy we could all have field champions which the breeder picked out. Outcrosses especially involving field and conformation lines are going to yield less predictability, especially if the dogs were not competed in that venue to begin with. Pick a litter with the most talented dogs that are proven producers and then cross your fingers you have a player.
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Nancy, it sounds as though Nicole has picked a litter already to work with. I shared w/ her what I have done over the past 17 yrs or so, and it's been a very predictable experience for me. And no, not all my pups have been selected first and foremost for performance since I keep a blend here w/ an eye toward future breedings, but their temperaments/abilities have been quite predictable.
Apples and oranges Anne. We are speaking about performance and not just temperament and obedience titles.
You are assuming I only look at my own litters... incorrect assumption.
So you are evaluating FC sired litters now and are determining the top performance pick by what you see in your dogs? You will have to let us know how that goes as being "very predictable."
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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