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All the talk of evaluating conformation how

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does one evaluate a litter for performance? What do you look for when determining your pick puppy?
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The best way to stack the deck in your favor:

1. Pick the parents. If you like their talent...and structure...your odds are good that a pup will be similar.

2. Pick the sex you want.

3. If there's a color preference (which may well lessen your odds of getting the performance you want...choosing based on color may rule out the best pup) then add that.

4. Just watching the pups play, are there any really funky structural abnormalities (like really toed out, toed in, etc.)? Count that pup out. But don't sweat the little stuff.

5. Close your eyes and grab one.

6. Take it home and do a good job training it.
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I don't know how an FC can do a 400 yard mark when he has poor conformation which would prevent it...
Conformation has no bearing on marking ability....but it does have bearing on long term soundness. ;-) The worst built dog in the world may still be a great marker...but will that dog stay sound enough to fulfill its potential?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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