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kristie said:
John Gassner said:
Mitch, Jan, anyone....results please!

All I know is that one of my puppies, WaterDog's Morningstar got a 2nd in the Amateur with her owner, John Stracka.
She had a great job in the last series on a difficult test.
I think Kevin Walker has all the results and will get on later. We are all bushed it was a hot couple of days.
Elvis (The King) won the A and the the first dog to be put on the "Cruise"
trophy. Ranger got 3rd sorry can't remember 4th.
I was running around.

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I should get them all up sometime today. My parents arrive tomorrow from California, and we are hot to get the house in order today. For the time being --

Open winner was Charlie Hines with "Cody."

Am winner was Jim "Big Bro" Haller with "Elvis." (Mitch "Little Bro" Patterson handled Elvis through first three series while Jim was judging the Q).

Q winner was Castlebay's Night Robber handled by Scott Dewey.

Derby was won by Chuck Schweikert and Candlewood Goldenaze Louie.

Kristie, the dog you bred could easily have won the Am, he was the only dog of nine to smack the extremely difficult water marks. The scoring had to be VERY close.

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Kip Kemp's Chevy got 2nd in the open, handled by Paul SLetten.

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1 FC-AFC Windy City Secret Signal ? Charlie Hines
2 Drove My Chevy To the Levy -
3 Timber Ridges Arc Angle -
4 Woody Creek Poetic Justice -
Redline Cookie Monster ? Jan Anderson

1 TKO?s Elvis ? Jim Haller &/or Mitch Patterson
2 Waterdogs Morning Star ? Mike Strada
3 FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger ? Charlie Hines
4 Peskisko Caluments Rebel Doll ? Sharon Geirman
Field of Dreams I?m a Winner ? Rick Wilke
Badger State Ram Kicker ? Jim Powers
Illini?s Miss Tara ? Doug Main
Candlewoods Johnnie Unite Us ? Don Wolf
Worth It?s PT Cruiser ? Vicki Worthington

1 Castlebays Night Robber ? Scott Dewey
2 Cosmos? Cookie Cutter ? Mark Edwards
3 Dominators Autumn Creeks Gamble ? Paul Sletton
4 Calumets Carronade Commando ? Sharon Geirman
Riverwoods Heza Wild Game Keeper ? John Minner
Bigguns Little Jazz ? Andy Attar

1 Candlewood Goldenaze Louie ? Chuck Schweikert
2 Pinehurst All that Jazz ? Jim Hurst
3 Ten Bears Road Trip ? Judas
4 Timber Ridges Ruben James ? Dave Ward
Jams - Several

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Troy B said:
Am winner was Jim "Big Bro" Haller with "Elvis." (Mitch "Little Bro" Patterson handled Elvis through first three series while Jim was judging the Q).
Congrats Jim and Elvis.
Ditto, plus congrats to Mitch, too!

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