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Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages. The winners of the First, Annual "The Retriever Training Forum is" creative writing contest is................

First, I want to thank all of you for having fun writing and thank all of you for voting. This entire exorcise has been a lesson in reading comprehension for me. It seemed so simple when Chris and I talked about it. Any work containing the line "The Retriever Training Forum Is" would be in the contest. But from the writing, to the voting, to the voting thread being randomly closed at 5 in the afternoon. I feel we all can work on our reading.;-)

So first, the random draw. All eligible entries have a chance. This is the link to the contest thread . The eligible entries are, by post number, as follows. If you do not see your post number in this list. I urge you to go back and read your post. Did you have "The Retriever Training Forum Is" someplace in your text? The most common mistakes were leaving off the "The" or the "is" or simply typing RTF. That is not what was asked for was it? So the legal entries are....3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31, 35, 36, 37, 43, 45, 48, 51, 55, 56, 68, 78, 79, 82, 85, 87, 91, 94, 95 and 96. A total of 34 entries out of 14,861 members, 2,945 active members. Reminds me of our retriever clubs that have 10 people do all the work. So because of the many gaps in the numbers and me being unable to figger out the number randomizing web page I found. I put all the numbers, each of a tiny square of paper and put them all in a coffee can and plucked one out.
The winner of the random draw of all legal entries is post number 36 typed by Steven Lacroix. He wins 3 jars of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

His entry is-
As a new dog owner and trainer, The retriever forum is the place for me
it is a place to unwind, to learn and its free
The retriever forum is the place on the web where I spend the most of my time
Where for bottles of syrup people make up their rhymes
The web is full of advice for new dog owners and such
but they all seem to fall short and end up in an argumentative rut
The quality of the info here is second to none
and the content of posts cannot be outdone
I learn new things daily its the place where I grow
I glean all the info from posters who know
There are certain people who I listen to more
There wealth and their knowledge is to much for me to store
I retain little tid bits and try to get better
And hope that my pup follows the advice to the letter
I thank the page admin for the chance to read these pages
and I get all this info for so little wages
So thanks to the people who make this great site flow
it is a pleasure to learn from you, your a pleasure to know

Good Job Steven

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Next is the popular vote time of the contest. Again this was an exorcize in reading comprehension. Lets start with the votes. the first number will be the post number and the second number is the number of votes followed by the letter "L" for a legal entry or an "I" for an illegal entry.
8, 1, I
12, 1 L
21, 1 I
22, 1, L
27, 1, L
35, 1, L
48, 1, L
98, 1, I
9, 2,L
51, 2, L
62,6, I
70, 7, I
84, 17 L
71, 20, I
a total of 107 folk voted. 36 of you all voted for a post that did not contain "The Retriever Training Forum Is"
Because this was such a close vote. And because it is my fault for not being more clearer. I am going to award both post 71 Scott Bergman, and post 84 Scott Vermeer 3 jars of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.
71 Scotts entry-
End of rope
Tie rope on pup
Reel in pup with rope
I never train a pup without a rope
Everyone should use a rope
Very often not having rope on pup will end in a disaster
Even a short rope is better then no rope
Real men use rope

Try to always be ready to correct with rope
Rover should learn to respect the rope
Always keep your feet clear of the rope
In some cases you may need to get help with the rope
Never disrespect the power of the rope
In some cases feel free to invent new ways to use the rope
Nobody should feel intimidated by the rope
Going rope less is hopeless

From the bottom of my heart please use the rope
Often people fear the rope, just pick it up and feel it, get to know it
Really it is just a simple clip and rope is on
Unfortunately most like to skip the rope
Many times I have ended with a knot in my rope

If the rope was coated in maple syrup it would be a sweet rope
So what have we learned from all the threads, GET A ROPE

and 84 Scotts entry-
My dog run had sat empty
For almost a year
I'd had trouble even looking at it
Without shedding a tear

See it used to house a dawg
A yellow lab, a boy
Who made our hunting adventures
My ultimate joy

He came to me from Oregon
On a jet he was flown
Through Atlanta, then Omaha
To his new home

But his flights were delayed
In that crate he sat
For 12 long hours
And he had to crap!

At the airport, baggage claim
I expected him there
He was nowhere to be found
But wait, what's that I hear?

A puppy! Screaming!
At the top of his lungs
At the cargo desk a surly agent
Who didn't like pup's song

I got that pup out of there
So he could go poop
Right on the airport sidewalk
And piddle too, a huge pile of goop

That was our beginning
My new pup and me
With dreams to hunt pheasants
How we do, we will see

His name was Chase
He was a bit of a fire breather
And inside the house
He was an absolute heathen

This dog was different
From the ones I'd had before
A real retrieving machine
He always wanted more

I was in over my head
So off to the trainer we go
This guy had the goods
He was definitely in the know

So we learned our lessons
New knowledge we did get
Force fetch and e-collar
And sit means freakin sit!

In the pheasant field Chase excelled
That dog could quarter ground
In his quest to flush roosters
Every one that he found

That dawg didn't know quit
No matter the cover
He busted through it all
There were birds in there, brother!

Our time in the field
Made a ton of memories
Sometimes just Chase and I
Sometimes with our huntin' buddies

We actually got spoiled
We took crazy, long shots
Cuz' if a cripple hit the ground,
Well, just another bird that Chase got

As he got older
He could come in the house
He liked laying by the fire
Quiet as a mouse

Still, the day it was over
Took me by surprise
I know he was 12 and all,
But he was so full of life

A tumor it was
Deep inside, full of blood
Then something tore
And started a flood

It was over in minutes
His head laid in my lap
We said our good byes quickly
And then...Chase passed

NO! I cried out
It can't be your time
We're booked to hunt pheasants
You still have birds to find

I cried like a baby
I couldn't be consoled
But Chase had gone to Pheasant Heaven
Where he'll never be old.

So the kennel had been empty
For almost a year
That crisp December night
I sat on the deck with a beer

I had returned from South Dakota
Our annnual hunting trip
Without Chase this time
And I was upset

We had dropped plenty of roosters
But man, what heavy cover
We only found half of them
Why shoot? Why even bother?

As I looked at the empy kennel
I knew the solution
It was finally time for a new dawg
To make his (or her) contribution

This dawg would not replace Chase
No, we'd be a new team
We'd train hard, log hours
To fulfill new dreams

So I started the search
First, Chase's breeder
Then I found this web site
And became an avid reader

This site had dog people!
Field trialers and hunt testers
People with hunting dawgs
A real cast of characters

Through the forums I read
Absorbing it all
New techniques were available
This was gonna be a ball!

The classified section
Had overwhelming litters of pups
So I researched studs and bitches
And I called breeders up

Finally I called this one breeder
Grady x Kona
Outstanding parents
And he's in Oklahoma!

So there's a new dawg in the kennel
My new pride and joy
A black one, named Koda
And yeah, he's a boy

So I'm really really glad
That night I called Rich up
You see, The Retriever Training Forum is
Where I found my new pup!
Scott Vermeer

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Congrats to ALL !!! :) even to the "I" s :p
I thought this was a GREAT thing, Ken, and I want to buy syrup just to support you....will be calling later
I found it a VERY interesting dynamic.....first the reading comprehension, then the support ......very interesting.....
Have a great trial season, may the rule book be clear to you.....

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The random entry winner doesn't include the phrase "The Retriever Training Forum Is" so it is not legal.

But that's all water under the bridge now. Congrats to the winners and a big Thank You to Ken.

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.Agonized over this I did, Sandy
Forced I was, to include Mr. Fallon who typed raining instead of training.
So with the Fallon precedent set for all you arguereres to argue.
Trainer instead of training, the same it is.
He has
...trainer, The retriever forum is......
and if helpful you want to be Sandy.
I had a bitch of a time making my morning coffee because of all the little pieces of paper mixed into the grounds.
Next year I am going to use an empty coffee can for the random draw.

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Congrat's to Scott Bergman!

Dude, I thought your entry showed a lot of creativity, and was funny as heck. Nicely done, brother!

Ken, many thanks for putting on the contest. It was a lot of fun, and had me peeking at the voting thread during meeting's and other events where my attention should have been elsewhere:D!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my entry, especially Lady Duck hunter, who voted for it 3-4 times :D:D:D!!

Good show everyone, let's do this again sometime!

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Congrats to the winners! Thanks for putting this on Ken, really enjoyed reading the entries. Would have put one in, but I have absolutely no talent when it comes to writing something interesting.....

Wishing now that I had 3 bottles of syrup coming though.......!


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.Agonized over this I did, Sandy
Forced I was, to include Mr. Fallon who typed raining instead of training.
So with the Fallon precedent set for all you arguereres to argue.
Trainer instead of training, the same it is.
He has
and if helpful you want to be Sandy.
I had a bitch of a time making my morning coffee because of all the little pieces of paper mixed into the grounds.
Next year I am going to use an empty coffee can for the random draw.
Coffee comes in cans??:confused:

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Thanks Ken. A very nice gesture on your part.

I wonder how many on here realize how much the shipping costs are, in addition to the price of the syrup.


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Congratulations to all.
Ken, Thanks for a great idea.
Looks like I'll just have to buy some!!!
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