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Animal Rights!

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I believe animals do have rights. They are not the same rights as we free people have, although there is some overlap.

Animals have the right:

1. to try to make it out of the nest or den before the local rabid skunk eats them.

2. to time their flight to place them in the one gapping whole in my pattern.

3. to out run my lead.

4. to outrun their buddies.

5. to zig when I zag.

6. to taste good with a nice butter garlic sauce.

7. to be respected and dispatched quickly if wounded.

8. to poop on me during that dispatching process.

9. to challenge my dog with a hard mark.

10. and finally to giggle in what ever language they use when I give them the three shot whiff. (Blindmates share this right, they do not share #8, however.)

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K G said:
3. to out run my lead.

Where can you shoot lead shot? :shock:

lLead, pronounced leed :wink:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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