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Another California pet law: coming soon?

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Have you seen this website?!

Looks like they'll be pushing for a statewide mandatory spay & neuter.

Please pass on to anyone who might be able to help counter this AR agenda

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Devlin said:
Lisa, I just read the info on the page link you provided...nowhere in the text do I see a provision for owners of legitimate breeding animals to not spay or neuter.

Surely there is such a provision.


Or not.

This is, after all, Kalifornia.
Los Angeles County and some others have a mandatory/spay neuter already *unless* you own a purebred,registered dog (AKC,UKC, etc.) AND are a member of a licensed club.

Nowhere do I see an exemption in the new proposed s/n legislation.
YES, California can and possibly will outlaw unaltered dogs.

The expected "California Healthy Pets Act" was posted to the California State website this morning. This is Assembly Bill 1634 introduced by Assembly member Lloyd Levine; Principal coauthor - Senator Padilla; coauthor Assembly Member Nava.

The bill requires all dogs and cats 4 months of age to be altered unless one has an intact permit.

A local jurisdiction shall issue an intact permit if the cat or dog has a pedigree with various registries listed (The Cat Fanciers' Association is not on this list) or a registry approved by the local animal control agency.

Fees are to be determined by the local jurisdiction.

The CFA Legislative Group will review this bill and post information and ALERTS as soon as possible.

Appropriate forwarding is encouraged
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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