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Another JR HT Question

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At what point should a dog be before you enter them in their first HT? This is my first go around and I know she is not ready yet but my fear is entering her before she is ready and doing more harm than good by establishing bad habits in a setting where I have no way of correcting them.
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In addition to the basics (FF, delivers reliably to hand, used to birds) expect your dog to 'regress' a little from what she reliably does in training sessions, i.e. holding blind behavior and marking. Have her marking solidly further than the max junior distance (100 yards) but don't forget to mix in shorter marks during training. If you are very confident she can do the work you will be a lot less nervous! Get her used to duck calls from the line as well as from the gun stations and running through and picking up marks that land in decoy spreads.
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