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Another JR HT Question

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At what point should a dog be before you enter them in their first HT? This is my first go around and I know she is not ready yet but my fear is entering her before she is ready and doing more harm than good by establishing bad habits in a setting where I have no way of correcting them.
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From my own experience, the "picnic" trial is a great place to find out what your weaknesses are. For me it was a very low key fun learning event, The judges spend a lot of time with you and are very helpful at teaching the "steps". I've been to two, one was like an HRC test and the other was a FT/Derby. You could opt to train only and not be judged. It worked for me, I learned exactly what to work on at home and will be attempting my first AKC test in a couple of weeks. Yes, my dog is wayover 6 months :oops: but Mom was a slow starter.
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