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Any American Am Info

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Anyone got any????????

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AmiableLabs said:
Despite tripling our FT fees to use the state grounds, the state has done less to make them usable for FTs than ever. They did not mow. They did not pump water. Without the generous donation of the use of the properties of members Charlie Hines, and Hal & Sharon Gierman, we never could have pulled it off.

OPEN (Judges Ruffalo and Wilke)

1. FC AFC Windy Citys Secret Signal, Hines
2. Weezer Retreezer, Johnson
3. Country's Rolling Thunder, Schilz (Curtis)
4. Field of Dreams I'm a Winner, LaFave (Curtis)
RJ. Red Cedar's Maximillian, Hayes (Curtis)
J. FC AFC Nick of the Time Lone Ranger, Hines

AMATEUR (Judges Dorobek and LaFave)

1. Drakes Bay Kates Choice, Wilke
2. FC AFC JJs Desire to Go, Patterson
3. AFC Ivorys Quacker Us Up, Seitz (Frederick)
4. CAFC Colt Forty-Five II, Gierman
RJ. Weezer Retreezer, Johnson
J. FC AFC Blackwater Ruby II, Ainley
J. Pinehurst's True Blue, Hurst
J. Redline Cookie Monster, Anderson
J. FC AFC Nick of the Time Lone Ranger, Hines
J. Nick of Time Wild Wind Dusty, Hines
J. Crossbars Raggedy Ann, Ahlers

QUALIFYING (Judges Calson and Darnell)

1. Rock River Riley, Dewey
2. Sally's Nailed Em, Dorobek (Frederick)
3. JK's Dynamite DUI, Weatherly (Moody)
4. Hunter's Marsh Gunner Dan, Andrews
RJ. Celtic Myrmidon MH, Miller
J. Warhawks Gunsmoke, Sheppard (Dewey)
J. Fourleaf's Ms Talksalot, Hughey
J. Kuventre Daddy Let Me Drive MH, Long
J. Berger Lakes Cosmo K Rascal, Statham (Moody)
J. Crossfires March Madness, Ahlers
J. JJs Going to Disney, Patterson
J. MFs Leaderin the Clubhouse, Frederick

Congratulations to all. It was great that club members stepped in to make it happen.

Looks like it worked out ok for Charlie :wink:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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