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Any Maryland Results Yet

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Looking for any info
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Ed Forry won the open with Drive, I heard he had other dogs that placed and jamed also. Not a bad day.
I am just getting home from the Maryland Open:

1st place - FC AFC Slly's Power Drive - Ed Forry
2nd place - FC Rebel Ridge Total Eclipse - Ed Forry
3rd place - FC Emberian Beau Geste - Judy Rasmuson
4th place - Candlewoods Power Surge - Ed Forry
RJ Matagorda's Allota Spec Kay Sweezey
JAMS - Out Dam Spot Out - Ed Forry
Marymont's Surewin Scott - Ed Forry
Flyaway Katie K Kay - Vikki Diehl (me)
FC AFC High Tech CEO - Ed Forry
Yellowjacket's Jetstream - Nancy Sills
Greewing Bright Eyes - Ed Forry
Topbrass Band On the Run - Judy Rasmuson
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Congratulations Vikki on the Open JAM.
Flyaway Katie K Kay - Vikki Diehl (me)
Yay, You played all four series. Good on you and Katie K Kay.
Thanks, Russ and Howard. This was only my 3rd Open!!! I am very excited about the JAM.
Way to go Vikki!
Vikki, congrats to you and Kate, way to go!!
1st: Express- Lyn Yelton & Jeff Lyons(Jeff)
2nd: Chief- Ed & Linda Haskins (Ed)
3rd: Ranger- Judy Rasmuson
4th: Rough- Gary Unger & Elizabeth Dix (Gary)
RJAM: Knight- Carroll Niessen
JAMS: Bart-Charlie Hayden & Millie Welsh (Charlie), Trapper- Mike Hopkins, Em-Lisa Kane & Grace Mondrosh(Lisa), Bingo- Steve Ferguson, Hawk-Newt Cropper, Rubie-Bart Clark

1st: Doc- E. Allen Wiley
2nd: Kate- Charlie Lesser
3rd: Yaba- Paul Brown
4th: Charge- Myra Fuguet
RJAM: Punch- Maggie Hoagland (Patti Roberts)
JAM: Seal-Dottie Metcalf (Patti Roberts), Spud - Lisa Kane & Grace Mondrosh

1st: Striker: Newt Cropper
2nd: Tina: Bob Holloway
3rd:Barron: J & M Stouffer (Patti Roberts)
4th: Lily- Charlie Lesser
RJAM: Shooter- Paul Brown
JAM: Tess- John Bauerle

Congratulations to all!!!!!!!
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Congrats to Jeff Lyons & ICE :D :D
Congrats Alan Wiley & DOC with the Blue. Glad to see she is doing well. :D
Way To Go ICE and Jeff Also to Judy R. It was nice to see her here this weekend. To Gates and Ed Nice Job!
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