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Any news from Great Salt Lake

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Does any one have any early reports?
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Thanks for the kind words on Connie. This was our second Am and we were thrilled to complete it. Getting through that first series was something else. At one point the marshall reported that 34 dogs had run and 21 had picked up.

This makes Connie QAA as well. We can thank team Gunzer --Connie and I have been with them for five weeks. In that time, we have a Qual thrid, a Qual Jam and now that Am Jam. Thanks so much to Karl and Cyndi and Rob Earhardt and Cyndi and Keenan. They are wonderful trainers and just super folks all the way around.

In addition to a tough test the weather conditions were rough. They shut the Am down on Saturday due to the lightning.

The weather was dreadful in the late morning today. I was actually in the holding blind and the thunder and lightning were so bad they had us leave the line and get into our cars for about an hour.

As soon as I ran, I packed my car and started home. Right now in Elko, NV at the friendly Motel 6. As is another Jam from the AM, Glenda Brown and her boy Twist, they A big congrats to Glenda and Twist. Would love to know who else made it through.

Doing well certainly is making that long drive home go quicker.

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