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Any up & coming Chocolate Factored FC's???

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Anybody know of any younger, up & coming chocolate factored FC/AFC's out there? I know all the usual suspects, just figured there had to be some coming up that aren't as well known. Definitely nothing wrong with the ones everyone knows about or always mentions, just thought there had to be a few out there that aren't as well known.
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We have a QAA 4 year old that is almost as good as his parents.
His parents had 45 1/2 AA point, and a CAFC title between them.
If he was in the hands of the right AA Pro or capable Amat. he would be competitive.
He most likely will not run AA stakes as I concentrate on young dogs.
He is OFA hips EX elbows, CERF, CNM, EIC clear.
Jones is a good sized, good looking boy too!
Ralph Dooley has a nice dog that is Chocolate with some Open points. Nan-Dool's Irish Wiskey he is with Gary Unger and Elizabeth Dixon.
Jameson had Open 2nd as a 2 y/o, got another Open 2nd this spring, just turned 3 in Feb. His sire is MH/QAA, by Tiger McBunn x NFC Zinger. There are some chocolates rising. ;-)

Mike Peters on here has a young, choc factored black male, all clearances, is QAA, NAFC Hook x Pirate daughter.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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