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Any up & coming Chocolate Factored FC's???

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Anybody know of any younger, up & coming chocolate factored FC/AFC's out there? I know all the usual suspects, just figured there had to be some coming up that aren't as well known. Definitely nothing wrong with the ones everyone knows about or always mentions, just thought there had to be a few out there that aren't as well known.
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He's not FC AFC

I just saw some pics of IMO one of the best looking Choco dogs I've seen in awhile

HRCH Gump. His breeding is

FC AFC pirate X peakbrooks tiger eye ( FC AFC Tiger Mcbunn X FC AFC Tayduh )

He is getting ready to run grand. He is at champion retrievers, Joe and Tina Perron.

Anyone that's seen him run please pm me.
Thanks so much for the compliment, we think he is quite handsome ourselves. Gump is so much more than just handsome. He has passed 9 straight master hunter tests this year, all as a two year old. He just turned three April 26th. He is qualified for the Master Nationals and is looking strong for the GRAND. Our plans are to run some SRS and qualifying tests with him in the near future
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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