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Any up & coming Chocolate Factored FC's???

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Anybody know of any younger, up & coming chocolate factored FC/AFC's out there? I know all the usual suspects, just figured there had to be some coming up that aren't as well known. Definitely nothing wrong with the ones everyone knows about or always mentions, just thought there had to be a few out there that aren't as well known.
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Hey Mike, how are you and the dogs? My Grady pup is doing well, any reports on the litter?
You can check out Field of Dreams Shotgun Ryder "Champ"on Facebook at "Shotgun Ryder", and some of his pups at "Puppy buyers" on facebook. Champ is 100% amateur trained and handled and throws balanced pups. In his limited breeding he has already had repeat breedings so folks like his pups. His breeding is... FC AFC Cudas Blue Ryder x Field of Dreams Willow D' One (FC AFC Tiger Mcbunn x FC Sweet Potatoe Pie) dam is a littermate to FC AFC It's all over now Baby Blue, AFC Alpha Mini Pearl, and has open an amateur placements.
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