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Anyone else.....

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...having connection problems with RTF? I've had a couple of posts not make it, with the loss of the connection. Wondering if it's at that end or mine?

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UB - are you still having connectile dysfunction?
Uncle Bill said:
kjrice said:
UB - are you still having connectile dysfunction?
Not since I posted the same missive 5 times. Was able to finally delete them. :roll:

Just seemed like we were in a funk for a spell. After posting, the mosheen would say the page was no longer available etc. Since it wasn't happening on other boards, I figured it may have been an RTF server conundrum. All seems to be in good order today.

UB...thinking KJ has been dippin' into the Cialis again, looking for the 4-hour problem. hehhehhehheh
Hey the kickstand keeps ya from accidentally rolling out of bed.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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