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Anyone else.....

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...having connection problems with RTF? I've had a couple of posts not make it, with the loss of the connection. Wondering if it's at that end or mine?

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UB, after having several posts no appearing I finally figured out that I had to tap the space that said "submit". i GUESS IT ALL HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH AGE, like all of the above! :oops:

Cleo is feeling much better today. Our Dr. of choice removed all stiches and staples this morning at 7 AM and packed the incision with a mixture of Betadine and sugar. Tomorrow she will shower all the **** out and they will put the wound vac back on. Site is looking much better.

To those not knowing Cleo, she is my WIFE, not one of my pups. Love her just as much though---for the last 53 years. Bill
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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