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Anyone going Spring Snow goose Hunting?

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I'm Planning on going out for Snow geese again this April in Kindersley, SK. Last 3 years it's been pretty good. Anyone interested in going?

If you are give me a call
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Bobby Lindsay said:

Can you please clarify on your snow goose hunt? Are you advertising for bookings this Spring, or are you giving away free hunts to RTF folks?

Or is it somewhere in the middle?


Somewhere in the middle.

I want to at least cover wadges for a spotter & guide. I'd think about $100 per person / day should do it.
Bobby, I sent that to you via PM....

Please folks, don't post PM's from RTF on the public board.

Bobby, let's take this discussion private please.

You have got to understand...there are several guides who frequent this board, who are going to come to me and ask why cant they do "XYZ"...Free advertising "ABC", etc.

May be hard to see it from my viewpoint, but then may not.

Not trying to bust your chops...just trying to keep it all running down the track. By the way sponsor banners are going to be across the top of the page this month! There should be an opportunity for sponsor banners for a guide service or two, somewhere on RTF!

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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