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anyone have American Am. Results

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I was there sat. alot of nice dogs running

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I feel the need to chronicle some of the weekend working backwards and really feeling good about all hard work everyone put in and how mostly smooth everything went.
I?ll put us up against anyone for mechanics and getting the most out of what we have.

Thinking about cleaning the van out. Monday AM Thank god it?s a holiday!
Got home at 10:30 exhausted.
We tried to get Linda Waco?s van started at 9:00. Didn?t happen.
Looked for ?Rachel? Mitch Patterson?s favorite Chesapeake puppy for a half an hour in total darkness along with 8 others. Finally returned on her own. 8:30. I suspect she was sniffing in where the derby marks had been.
Pulled up to the club trailer at about 8:00pm.
Made Charlie Hines fall on his knees and beg not to be thrown in his own pond.
Had the pleasure of watching Charlie Pirelli get an Am 2nd for Mollies first AAPs
(Sara, Charlie?s wife, recently passed away so he needed a little upper for a change.
Charlie Pirelli lurks here a bit so give him a high five (for PM see CharlieP)
Saw my fifth or sixth double header win.
Watched adults going through old lunch bags looking for anything left to eat.
Saw some really good dog work and good judging, ate some great pig (provided by Charley Hines)
Participated in a beauty contest. Came in very distant second out of two.
Met a bunch of new people.
Got to shoot flyers with Eddie Noga. (he has to be the world champion flyer thrower)
Shook hands with The King. (who got an Am 3rd) Thanks for your help bro!
Ate steak with our judges.
Loaded the dogs wondering how the weekend would go for us.
Found out we had the largest trial we ever had.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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