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AR sanctioned trial

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the Central Arkansas Retriever Club will be holding a sanctioned Q+D on Sat. Nov. 5 on the beautiful Spurlock farm grounds. I'm asking for a strong show of support from the retriever community. This will result in approval for licenced trials starting next year. But we need your help. Ribbons will be awarded to all placements (sorry no points). This is an EE event (Thanks Shayne), And a great opportunity for those of you who have been asking for more trials. We are very excited about this event and hope you can participate. Thanks in advance,


BTW- we wil be offering BBQ catered free to participants at the conclusion on SAT. looking forward to seeing you there.
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A friend of mine has emailed the contact info and volunteered to drive over from texas and help you guys all weekend. He has called and left messages and emailed several times with no response. I am interested in meeting with anybody from that club to show you guys some more grounds i own 15 minutes from the farm where you are hosting the trial at. we currently host a hrc hunt test.
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