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ARMADILLO FOAM WILL DONATE 50% OF ALL REVENUES GENERATED FROM OUR INTERNET SALES THROUGH 30 SEPTEMBER 2005 TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS AS OUR SMALL PART IN HELPING THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA. If you have an organization (UKC, AKC, NAVHDA, DU, PF, ETC.) you would like to have recognized when the donation is made, please provide the name of the organization in the comments section of the order form. In the event that we receive more orders than we can fill by 30 September, we will work until all orders received by 30 September 2005 are filled, and 50% of the total revenues generated, whether you provide anything in the comments section or not, will be paid to the The American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. We will make a weekly payment of these donations, and we will post the total donations in this space.
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