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At wit's end

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I've raised 4 puppies in last 2 years and this one has me baffled.

12wk old can sleep 10pm to 6am without a problem, but can't go from 7:30-11am without peeing in crate. At lunch, she will go outside and potty, but pee's again in crate from 12:30 to 3:30 when daughter gets home from school.

See is fed in morning, but water is very limited. (this morning none)

The amount in crate is very small but still get's her wet. The crate is small also. She can not stand at full height.

Do I go to even smaller crate? Thanks Warren, forgot to mention $144 later no UTI everything normal.

It's like she gets out and starts hunting worms or playing and forgets to take care of business

Baffled in least about the puppy, but not about the coach.
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I kept a female chessy pup for a friend. She was 7 wks when I picked her up and almost 12 when he got her. I found her extremely frustrating to house break. I would put her out and she would come right in the house and pee. It was as you mentioned she would get playing and exploring and forget why she was outside. If I stayed right with her and kept reminding her to get busy she was fine. I think the problem is now solved.
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