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With all the strife that has been posted recently, I feel the need to post an atta boy/girl. This is for the housekeeping crew at the Super 8 Motel in Corning.

As I have turned into a procrastinator of late, my regular motel for the Marin RC hunt test was already full; so booked a room at the Super 8. Everything was pretty much the norm for a hotel room near a dog venue; wake up call came on time, room was fairly clean, bed was nicely made, good soap and shampoo in the bath, etc. So we had a pretty uneventful stay at the Super 8. Nothing remarkable until we got home. That Sunday night I got a phone call from them asking if I had left any personal items in the room. I could tell by their voice that they thought I had left something of value. This was somewhat perplexing as I don't travel to dog events with anything of much value other than the dogs and training gear. And I never take training gear into the morel rooms. So I hastily checked my duffel and found all my dirty clothes intact, all dog water bowls checked out, my Friday night dinner bowl was in the sink to wash, so couldn't find anything obvious missing.

And then it dawned on me. I have chessies. And everyone knows that chessies are a bit smelly. Especially if they have flatulence. And both my dogs were turning the room a bit blue last weekend. When I checked out I left the window open, but as house guests always tend to wrinkle their noses when they come into my house, I am sure there was a whiff or two of chessie smell still in the motel room despite the generous spritz of Odeban. So as is my custom, I left a fairly nice tip for the housekeeping crew for their added efforts required to deoderise the room. And as I had a pocket full of those new dollar coins, that is what I left. So, my guess is the housekeeping person had never seen one of the new dollar coins, so when they walked into the room and saw that stack of gleaming gold colored coins, they thought I had left a fortune. So thanks to them for being honest and checking. And I hope they have fun spending them and that they weren't too disappointed that their fortune wasn't quite as much as they may have originally thought.

T. Mac
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