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Letters are needed NOW for the May 23rd meeting in Monterey!

The California Fish & Game Commission will hear public comment on proposed land use regulations for Fish & Game properties on Wednesday, the 23rd of May, in Monterey, California.

If you use any Fish & Game lands for your hunt tests, field trials or training, you will be directly affected by the new language – and not in a good way.

The new regs will require a $370.46 field trial/hunt test permit, restrict access for training, and leave our future access to state lands up to the whim of department personnel – some of whom are not particularly dog friendly.

If you have hunt tests or field trials at Los Banos, Grizzly Island, Imperial (aka Wister), or any other wildlife area, you need to be at this meeting.

If you train your dogs on DFG lands, you need to be at this meeting.

If you can’t make the meeting, you need to write a letter. If you can make the meeting, you still need to write a letter now, so the Commission can see your opposition before the meeting starts. Adoption is set for their meeting in June, so we need the Commission to these regulations back to the drawing board now.

Written comments should reference agenda item #3 and be addressed to:

Fish and Game Commission
E-mail to [email protected]
Fax at (916) 653-5040
Post to Box 944209
Sacramento, California 94244-2090

The meeting will be at:

Best Western Plus Beach Resort
La Grande Room
2600 Sand Dunes Drive
May 23, 2012 (Wednesday) 8:30 a.m.

To see the proposed language go to and click on Public Use on DFG Lands. The current proposal is in the second part of that section, under the Continuation Notice. The stuff above is the original proposal, the stuff below is the amended version demanded by the Commission last November.

PM me if you want more information regarding the problems with the language.


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It’s not too late to get your comments to the Commission. E-mails can still be distributed to the Commissioners before this item is heard Wednesday morning. Below is a short list of things that need to be changed before adoption. Pick one or two, or more, and let the Commission know that the new regulatory language needs to be amended to address these issues.

E-mail your comments to [email protected], and reference Agenda Item #3

Please ask the Commission to:

Remove the new section of definitions which represents a substantive change beyond the simple ‘clean-up’ of existing language. If deemed necessary, these substantive changes may be addressed once the existing language is ‘cleaned-up’.

If new definitions of uses or activities are to be retained, include specific definitions of hunting dog training and trialing as a compatible use or activity, either under the definition of compatible uses or in the definition of hunting.

If the new definition of dog training is retained, limit the definition to the activity itself and remove the limits on where that activity may take place from the definition.

If the new definition of dog training is to be retained, make clear that the definition which references the use of game birds, is separate from and not subject to restrictions or limits imposed on training and trials that use mammals.

Remove the new sections requiring permits and the fees for those permits which are a significant substantive change beyond the simple ‘clean-up’ of existing language. If deemed necessary, these issues may be addressed once the existing language has been ‘cleaned-up’. If they are to be retained here, set the fees for hunting dog trials at a reasonable and affordable rate. Setting the cost too high will have the effect of closing these areas to these activities.

Provide for the ancillary activities of training and trialing, i.e. possession and discharge of a fire arm, release of domestically reared game birds, and working off-leash. The definitions of dog training and field trials for dogs, if retained, should include specific reference to these actions as authorized in the course of training or trialing; or sections regulating these activities should provide exemptions to limits on these activities during the course of training or trialing.

Remove the new blanket prohibition on training and trialing, and the specific language prohibiting these activities on areas where they not currently addressed in the regulations.

Remove the references to §265 in regard to the restriction of dogs on department lands and in training and trialing. If these references are to be retained, include clear language that these restrictions apply only to the use of dogs on mammals and not birds.

Remove the new, substantive change, which restricts the authority of a Regional Manager to regulate uses not otherwise addressed, to closing or prohibiting an activity.

This is the first public hearing. It will come up again on June 20[SUP]th[/SUP] in Mammoth Lakes, and is scheduled for adoption then. We need a strong enough opposition to have the Commission send it back for another rewrite before it is adopted.


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Where are the costs ?

where are the costs, these people are already being paid to WORK ! permits or no permits
what do they do for their money, just go ptck up their check

Special Use Type 2 – Permit Fee $386.50
“Type 2” special uses involve any of the following:
• over 30 visitors on-site,
• over ten bicycles or animals in total,
• requires the use of animals, bicycles, vehicles, or large equipment outside of designated
parking areas, roads, trails, or areas authorized for visitor use, and
• use of the site for more than one calendar day.
The fee calculations are presented below:
Application Review
Site visit, phone conversations, e-mails with Applicant
Notify other Department staff (law enforcement, other land management staff)
Evaluate any policy issues and consult with Department staff as needed
Write any special conditions of permit
Prepare written notification to applicant
Review and approval of permit by management staff
Distribution and filing of paperwork
Fee processing
Assume lead staff person for processing special use permit applications will be a Habitat
Supervisor II, Interpreter II, Associate Biologist, Environmental Scientist Range B,
Environmental Scientist Range C, Senior Biologist, or Staff Environmental Scientist.
Special Use Permit Cost - Special Use Permit Fee: Type 1
Lead Staff Person (Interpreter II,
Associate Biologist, Sr, Biologist,
Environmental Scientist, Staff
E.S., or Habitat Supervisor II)
1 hour @ $40/hr.1 $40.00
Environmental Program Manager ½ hour @ $53/hr $26.50
Regional Manager ¼ hour @ $57/hr $12.00
Office Technician ½ hour @ 23/hr $11.50
Subtotal 90.00
Overhead 20%2 18.00
Application Fee Surcharge3 3% of $57.00 $1.71
Total Cost $109.71
Application Fee + Surcharge 3 $57.00 + $1.71 ($58.71)
Permit Fee $51.00
Special Use Permit Cost - Special Use Permit Fee: Type 2
Interpreter II, Associate
Biologist, Senior Biologist,
Environmental Scientist, Staff
E.S., or Habitat Supervisor II,
6 hours @ $40.00/hr.1 $240.00
Environmental Program
1 hour @ $53/hr $53.00
Regional Manager ½ hour @ $57/hr $28.50
Office Technician 1 hour @ 23/hr $23.00
Vehicle expenses 50 miles @ $0.50/mile $25.00
Subtotal 369.50
Overhead 20%2 74.00
Application Fee Surcharge3 3% of $57.00 $1.71
Total Cost $109.71
Application Fee + Surcharge 3 $57.00 + $1.71 ($58.71)
Permit Fee $386.50
1Hourly rate = Monthly salary ÷ 174 hours/month x 1.33% (benefits)
$30/hr = median salary for classifications listed for “lead staff person”
$40/hr = median salary for Environmental Program Manager 1
$43/hr = median salary for Regional Managers (Classification = CEA)
$17/hr = median salary for Office Technician
Salaries for civil service classifications accessed at on April 29, 2011
2009 salaries for current Regional Managers: on April 29, 2011
2Estimated Department overhead rate = 20%
3$57 of the permit cost is recovered by a non-refundable application fee, based on Title 14,
Section 699. This fee will be processed through the Department’s Automated License Data
System and a $1.71 surcharge will be added to the application fee per Section 704, Title 14.
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