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"Bandwidth Blues" by Blind Melon Lost

I woke up this morning
put my right on the mouse
left hand on the keyboard
but it wasn't no use
there's misery in da house
it's ain't no good lord
I's got dem bandwidth blues
Yes I's got dem old bandwidth blues


Good to see things are back up.

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Well when that RTF left me
My hole day went to hell
I had to talk with my family and then
make up things to tell

oh I'm so lonely, oh I'm so lonely, oh I'm so lonely I could cry.

without time on the computer
I had to clean out my truck
I found things from October
and I sucked out all the muck

I'm still so lonely, I'm still so lonely, oh I'm so lonely I could cry.

Well RTF if back now.
My day is going fine.
My dog didn't get no training
'cause I'm typing all the time!!!

Oh Yea, But I'm not lonely, no I'm not lonely
Think RTF is mighty fine
boomity boomity boomity boomity Boom Boom!

got a rope?

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when the site goes down, is that like mental cruelty. go into withdraws.


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Very creative, boys! To be able to sing while surfing RTF.
I appreciated that!
And thank God for Steve. Talented and has a good sense of humor on top of his geekness. You have a great one there, Chris!
It wasn't all that least the downtime wasn't during a weekend!
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