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As Marvin said If you've worked with cattle, you know how dangerous moose or cattle can be, they can be completely unpredictable. I also have a 'This happened to me"...two weeks ago I took my 14 year old lab out for his evening "airing" around 10:30PM. I always accompany him, because he has cataracts and can't see only about 4 ft in front of him, he usually stays in the yard and knows his way around. Our yard has an overgrown field around it but on one side there is an access road to a pump station. So Dog is wandering around near the access road and I look up and there is a BIG black bear coming down the road toward us. I start shouting for my dog to come and the bear just keeps coming! Yikes! I grab the dog and we run back to the house. Bear was not deterred. A week later, same situation only now I have dog on leash for airing, we have a large truck parked to the side of the driveway, I come around the side of truck and here is the Bear AGAIN, this time only about 20 yards away. I yell loudly and run the dog back to the house, my SO comes out with flashlight as I yell, bear, bear, bear and run past, this time though bear veers off driveway and into field. Not in a hurry but not interested in coming any further.
I always wanted to see a Live Moose and a live Bear but rethinking that now!
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