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Bed Szes with Quad Cab on Smaller Pickups

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I'm trying to do a little research on smaller pickups with Quad Cabs. I'm looking for bed sizes - to narrow down what I'm searching for, I want a smaller PU with a Quad Cab and a normal size bed (6' to 6.5' or so).

My current PU is a extended cab with a truck bed size of 78.8" x 59.6", if I upgrade to a Quad cab I go down to a 64.9" x 59.6" size :(

I looked at a GMC Canyon Crew Cab and they are 61.1" x 57.2" - even worse....

Anyone no of a small PU with the Quad/Crew cab and larger box???


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The Nissan Frontier has a regular bed on their quad cab.

Personally, if it was me I would go with the Toyota Tundra. It isn't that much more $$$ than the Tacoma. Gas mileage is similiar. It is listed as full size but it is really about 7/8 the size of a Chevy / Ford half ton. Plus you get to haul more crap.

The Tacomas are outrageous to buy used but you can get decent deal on a Tundra with 20 to 30K on it.
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