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Bed Szes with Quad Cab on Smaller Pickups

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I'm trying to do a little research on smaller pickups with Quad Cabs. I'm looking for bed sizes - to narrow down what I'm searching for, I want a smaller PU with a Quad Cab and a normal size bed (6' to 6.5' or so).

My current PU is a extended cab with a truck bed size of 78.8" x 59.6", if I upgrade to a Quad cab I go down to a 64.9" x 59.6" size :(

I looked at a GMC Canyon Crew Cab and they are 61.1" x 57.2" - even worse....

Anyone no of a small PU with the Quad/Crew cab and larger box???


Lainee, Flash and Bullet
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Lainee(congrats on the marriage btw), i got this info off of

Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed Double Cab Long bed

Overall length (in.) 208.1 221.3
Overall height (in.) 70.1 70.1
Overall width (in.) 74.6 74.6
Bed length (in.) 60.3 73.5
Bed height (in.) 18.0 18.0
Bed width (in., total/btwn wheelwells) 56.7/41.5 56.7/41.5
Wheelbase (in.) 127.8 140.9
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