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One thing I would like to mention is that when discussing something with your co-judge use caution. Be sure persons in the holding blinds cannot hear you or look at your drawings, that you are not discussing someone else's job while the dog that is running is being judged, etc. Common courtesy is a big factor to consider.

I know one judge turned around to a friend in the holding blind and commented on a blind just run by another dog (which persons applauded) that "he didn't know why they applauded that blind, and don't you run it that way!"

One judge sang "Your Cheatin' Heart" while a dog was working. The owner (a new person to the game) was crushed.

One marshal told his friends the criteria for the blind after overhearing the judges----ONLY his friends!

Be polite and friendly, but be very careful re any comments made about a dog's work unless it was obviously a fantastically good job!

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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