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From what I've seen in my commercial blinds and fields, the Benellis and Berettas are the most reliable semi-autos out there. With the Beretta offering gas operation's lower recoil and higher maintenance/cleaning, and Benelli's inertia system's lower maintenance reuirements coming at the cost of somewhat greater recoil and susceptability to human error (screwing with the bolt and not getting its face rotated back into the locked position it closes to if not interfered or fooled with is far and away the leading cause of Benelli "malfunction").

In my hands, the two guns feel quite different, and I prefer the Benelli's. But if the Beretta felt more lively in hand or I were a serious clays shooter (or particularly recoil sensitive), I'd probably favor the Beretta.

And, were it me, I'd also be looking at the less expensive Benelli-made-for-Beretta inertia-operated Pintail.

(Please know the above observations come from a fellow who enjoys the prejudices of having shot one or the other or both of the same two Benellis, a 12ga SBE and 20ga Montefeltro, virtually every open season day since their early HK import.)
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