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The only real answer is get which one you want.

I?ve owned both of these in the 3 ? inch model. I prefer the 391 because it works for me better and a hunting buddy prefers his SBE. Here is my take on them:

The Berretta is a gas operated gun so it doesn?t kick quite as bad but it is a little heavier and it requires a little more maintenance than the inertia gun. To me it swings better and since it has less recoil I can get back on a bird quicker. My 391 feels a little beefier to me which I prefer. I do find I need to keep the action well maintained but when I do it is smooth as silk. The Benelli is lighter but like I said it kicks a little more. The stock is smaller than the 391, the inertia system works great and doesn?t require as much cleaning.

You have advantages and disadvantages in both guns but in the end either one is a great gun, it all comes down to which fits your shoulder better. If it is possible go to a range and put a box of shells through each one then you?ll know.
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