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Best place online for heartworm meds

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Where is the best place to buy HW meds. I got mine from a place in Australia, but I have a new computer and cannot find their site. Any suggestions?
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Not to tangent your thread, but I want to pass the word that I've seen firsthand regarding purchasing Heartworm Meds online. In the past year, a rash of flatland dogs in the southeast that were on multiple brands of HW preventive were diagnosed with Heartworms. As I put in a previous post, I know several of the owners, and can vouch that the meds were administered in a timely and consistant fashion. So when it came time to hold the manufacturer's feet to the fire for coverage of the $800-$1000 treatment, the first question was "where's your documentation of purchasing the meds from your vet?". The bottom line in all of the cases was that if one could show receipts proving purchase of the meds from a vet for the particular infected dog, and the particular dog was tested for a baseline (with negative results), and then tested 6 weeks later (with negative results) all within the same timeframe, then the treatment was covered (from both major manufacturers). However, in the cases where the meds were bought on-line, neither manufacturer would honor the cost of the treatment. Period. I can't quote any specific reasoning for the manufacturer's stance, but those are the facts that I can vouch for.

So my stance on it is that the extra $20 to even $100 your paying for (depending on the # of dogs you buy for) by purchasing from the vet is good "insurance" in the event that you need it for a heartwork treatment.

To caviat this, I'd also mention that if one opts to buy online and not bother with the manufacturer backing for treatment, then one would be better off buying straight "Ivomec 1% Swine and Cattle" from a place like Tractor Supply Co (less than $40 for a bottle which averages 100 doses at .1cc per 10lbs), and using the money saved from manufacturer meds to pay for treatment, in the event it is needed. I'm definitely no vet so I'm in no way prescribing this method, just passing the word along.

Ounces of prevention Regards,

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Re: Rediculous!

ducktrickster said:
Am I wrong or are some of the statements here a little rude in respect to dogs. The preventative is supposed to be for the dog.....not your pocketbook. "Saving enough money to pay for the treatment?" Do you understand that your risk/reward is not worth the price of your animals life. HEARTWORMS KILL and the treatment is so toxic that many animals don't survive it. So go ahead and flip the coin on preventative that is a little cheaper. I am awful glad your dog can't read.
Welcome to the RTF. Stir on brotha'.

Price is always relative regards,

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