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Best Retrievers Dog Training Seminar (Saturday & Sunday, April 27th-April 28th 2019)

Best Retrievers is hosting a training seminar in Paige, TX!

“Achieving Success in Retriever Training”
Best Retriever’s Approach to Training a Happy and Successful Retriever for the Home, Hunting, and Hunt Tests. This seminar will provide insight into the techniques that we use to train a retriever all the way up- from our puppy program up to the Master National Hall of Fame and Super Retriever Series Champion. We will take a multi-faceted approach- attendees will benefit by being able to get input from all 6 of the trainers at Best Retrievers; allowing you to learn that there are many different approaches to training a retriever at the various levels. Details are in the link below!

Here is the link to sign up!


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