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Best Testing Lab for EIC test only?

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I will be needing to test a litter for EIC only (other testing will come later). The University of Minnesota no longer tests for EIC.

Any input into whether Animal Genetics or Paw Print or whoever is better? I will be testing an entire litter.

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Whomever is having a sale at the time you need it. May I ask why you are testing a whole litter? Carrier status does not affect health or performance.

I have had several potential puppy buyers decline my litter because some of the pups could be EIC carriers when they asked if I was going to test the pups. And I have had people tell me they preferred to have an EIC carrier.... People are weird with their viewpoints on 'carrier' status....
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Excuse my ignorance, but why would someone want a carrier? Is there some kind of incomplete dominance going on there?
Some people believe carriers are better marking dogs... whether that is actually true or not has not been proven.. nor is it ever likely to be.
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While true, if someone does want to potentially breed their dog, if all the other boxes get checked, it is a positive to not have to limit your stud choices.
It is weird that quite a few - more than the majority - of studs I'd like to breed Smarty to are not available....darn it.
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