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Attached is an e-mail I received to buy one of my pups, please beware as this individual is a scam artist, he didn't get me and I hope he doesn't get any of you. I did reply to him with some choice words not found in the dictionary.

>From: Jumi Lords <[email protected]>
>Date: 2007/03/19 Mon PM 02:13:02 CDT
>Subject: Shippment and payment details/ HRCH/MH X HR/SH Male Lab Pups

>Hello there,
> How are you doig today? i belived.sorry for not gettig back to you on
>time.The price is okay by me will go ahead and Instruct a personal client to
>issue you a certified cashier check or Moey order which would cover all
>expenses for it. It is most likely you would get it sometime next week or
>even sooner.
>He will be issuing you a cashier check/money order to the tune of $4,000 The
>reason being that after you deduct your $450 and other expenses emanating
>from all forms of charges. The rest could be wired by you to an
>international shipping agent via western union money transfer, who will be
>communicated to you in due time for the pick up i your house.
>He will help in the shipping of the item to my location I would want it to
>be packaged and delivered in the safest and most professional way.The
>shipper is likely to be reluctant to pick it up until he is mobilized, i.e.
>the balance wired to him is his fees for his services, transportation to and
>from, clearing and all other charges involved in this transaction okay
>He would be advised to come to your house or the location that you give me
>for him to pick it up as soon as he is mobilized by the funds you send to
>him. Also before I forget send me your FULL NAME. TELEPHONE NUMBER AND
>CONTACT ADDRESS as should appear on the check and to where ad whom it is
>going to be sent to and for shippers pick up point. Please do get back as
>soon as possible.
>Thanks and have a nice day
>Best regards,
>Jumi Lords...

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similar scam

This is almost identical to a scam that some folks were doing on ebay but it was vehicles. Only difference was the number of mispellings was a lot less. They almost got a friend of mine when he was selling his 1971 Bronco. Luckily he did not fall for it either.

So I guess these days we need the latin translation for "seller beware"


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Not only do i get that a lot i get the same crap on the phone,but the buyer is supposed to be deaf and communicating thru a special operator so you can not trace the number back.
Also FYI incase no one knows,money orders,bank checks,certified checks can all be either forged or have a stop payment put on them. So make sure any instrument you use other than cash by allowwed enough time to clear and get a driverslicense on any local checks. In 22 yrs i have been beat to the tune of 400 bucks.Been very lucky so far,and that slob will have a suprise this spring when i go to where he is and either get the money or the dog.
It took me a year but i finally found him.
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