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6 female 2 male black Labrador puppies
Whelped on October 13th
Ready to go home December 3rd

Sire: Horsetooth’s Penalty Shot “Deke”
OFA’s - excellent
Eyes - clear
2020 Top 15 dogs, all age points
2019 Top 10 Purina Open
2019 National Open Finalist
51.5 All Age Points - Derby list
Deke is 67 pounds and hard charging with 14 NFC/AFC dogs in his pedigree. Deke has litters on the ground in Australia that are in field trial, border & law enforcement, and search & rescue. Deke also has litters in the states and Canada with all reports being positive in regards to their athleticism and progress. Deke is trained by Pro Kenny Trott and owner Don Fregelette. Feel free to contact them for more specific information.

Dam: M&M Just Call Me The Streak
OFA’s - fair
Eyes- clear
Streak has placed 4th twice and had 6 jams in her very short career. Streak’s disposition is a lot like Deke’s and has 9 NFC/AFC dogs in her pedigree. She too, is hard charging yet also a loving pet. Streak is a pleaser who loves her job and will be back on Pro Trainer, Mark Edwards truck when she is finished welping, pursuing her All Age title.

Contact Mike Miller 903-227-8267 for more information
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