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I left around 4pm today and Q wasn't finished yet.

All I know is the Derby winner:

1st---The Cptns Luck Of The Draw---Chris Wix O/H

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Got a call with these results:


1st Cody-- Statham/ C Moody
2nd Tara--Riffle/ C Moody
3rd Teller-- Jackson/ J Harp
4th--Cane--J Darnell


1st--Rudy/ Kaiser
2nd--Zoom--B Earley
4th--Ready--A Washburn
Rj--Buzz--K Woods


1st Moose--Garland/J Harp
2nd ?
3nd ?
4th ?


1st Captians Luck of the Draw Chris Wix
2nd Ozzy--Anthony/ C Moody
3rd ? - H Authur
4th ? M Judas

Hope these are correct........

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A huge congratulations to Charlie Moody on what I beleive to be his first Open Win! Plus, he did it with a dog he has had since basics and got the second place too. :wink: I see he got that Win with FC Tex's little brother.

How 'bout that Dave? :wink:

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I hear ya' Booty!!! Butch called last night with the good news. What a great guy. I'm really proud of CODY, Butch, and Charlie. He was a special pup. "FC or Bust"!!!

I will finally get to see Tex this weekend.

Go D.D. and Bobby!!! Cody's littermate D.D won a Qual this weekend up in Canada. Congrats to D.D. and Bobby. "FTCH or bust".

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1st Butch's Dream Code Of TCR Charlie Moody
2nd Lady Madelyn's Holy Tara Charlie Moody
3rd It's In The Bank Joe Harp
4th AFC Wild Wings Hurricane Storm Jimmie Darnell
Res. Jam Lane's Bayou Sue MH Joe Harp
Jam Pin Oak's Wiz Kid Scott Carruth
Jam Topgrades Just Do It Al Arthur
Jam Whiteoak Lil' Ms. Chickorita Joe Harp
Jam Gore Creek's Coaker Smoker Glenn Lokay


1st FC/AFC JB's So Rude Dick Kaiser
2nd FC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom Bill Earley
3rd JB's Rude Attitude Dick Kaiser
4th AFC Coolwater's Ready To Go Alex Washburn
Res Jam Ford's Buzzin Thru The Brake Ken Wood
Jam AFC Coolwater's Makin' Trax Alex Washburn
Jam Illini's Miss Tara Doug Main


1st Riparian Makin' Tracks Joe Harp
2nd Field of Dreams Razzamatazz Greg Lister
3rd McLean's Lord of the Rings L. Fogg
4th Wind River's Aint No Pussycat SH Greg Lister
Res Jam Sand Valleys Blew Star Greg Lister
Jam Wild Texas Ruby Pam Park Charlie Moody
Jam Pin Oak's Havanna Daydreaming Scott Carruth


2nd Premier's Iron Man Ozzy Charlie Moody
3rd Peakebrook's Brawny Force Hugh Arthur
4th Ten Bears Road Trip Michael A Judas
Res Jam Peakebrooks's Secret Weapon Hugh Arthur
Jam Hickory Stick's I'll Be Fine Hugh Arthur
Jam America's Favorite Red Head of Kanza Steve & Anna Amrein
Jam Jackson's Fowl Intentions Charlie Moody

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David Maddox said:
I will finally get to see Tex this weekend.

He's over my way till Thursday so you don't have to wait till Brazosport! Mark has the truck of dogs over in LeBeau and Grand Coteau. Come on over an toss some birds this week, you'll get to see a lot of Tex! :wink:

Tex got his FC at the tender young age of 4 years, two months. He had three Open placements as a 3 year old, then the back-to-back Open Wins right after he turned 4. Looks like Butch is on the same schedule! I saw Butch once as a Derby dog in Mobile. Charlie was handling him and I know Butch placed and so did I with my yellow dog, Shot. Banner got the RJ that weekend.

Dave, tell us about Tex and Butch's momma. 8)

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I don't know anything about Butch's mom, but I do know quite a bit about Tex's.
Dancy is an HRCH/MH out of FC/AFC Texas Cocky Two Stepper x Limestones Pic A Winner-MH (NFC/NAFC Super Tanker x FC Misty's Pic Annie-MH). Her dam, Windy, was an incredible hunt test bitch, owned and trained by James and Lou Davis. Dancy is a very nice marker with incredible memory. A handling machine. Got her SH in 4 tries, HRCH at 24 months with only 1 failure due to a break. She had 4 straight Master passes without a handle. Then broke on the last bird, of the last series, of the next 3 Masters she ran. What a BITCH!!! Then 2 straight passes. Many felt that I was playing the wrong game with her. She is 9 years old and now hunts, trains with TEX's sister Jiggy, and makes the occasional fishing trip with me. She was bred twice to Cosmo. The repeat was a request by Larry Clement.
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