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Bluegrass Results?

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Anyone have any of the lower stake results?
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I hear ya' Booty!!! Butch called last night with the good news. What a great guy. I'm really proud of CODY, Butch, and Charlie. He was a special pup. "FC or Bust"!!!

I will finally get to see Tex this weekend.

Go D.D. and Bobby!!! Cody's littermate D.D won a Qual this weekend up in Canada. Congrats to D.D. and Bobby. "FTCH or bust".
I don't know anything about Butch's mom, but I do know quite a bit about Tex's.
Dancy is an HRCH/MH out of FC/AFC Texas Cocky Two Stepper x Limestones Pic A Winner-MH (NFC/NAFC Super Tanker x FC Misty's Pic Annie-MH). Her dam, Windy, was an incredible hunt test bitch, owned and trained by James and Lou Davis. Dancy is a very nice marker with incredible memory. A handling machine. Got her SH in 4 tries, HRCH at 24 months with only 1 failure due to a break. She had 4 straight Master passes without a handle. Then broke on the last bird, of the last series, of the next 3 Masters she ran. What a BITCH!!! Then 2 straight passes. Many felt that I was playing the wrong game with her. She is 9 years old and now hunts, trains with TEX's sister Jiggy, and makes the occasional fishing trip with me. She was bred twice to Cosmo. The repeat was a request by Larry Clement.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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