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Bluegrass Results?

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Anyone have any of the lower stake results?
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Got a call with these results:


1st Cody-- Statham/ C Moody
2nd Tara--Riffle/ C Moody
3rd Teller-- Jackson/ J Harp
4th--Cane--J Darnell


1st--Rudy/ Kaiser
2nd--Zoom--B Earley
4th--Ready--A Washburn
Rj--Buzz--K Woods


1st Moose--Garland/J Harp
2nd ?
3nd ?
4th ?


1st Captians Luck of the Draw Chris Wix
2nd Ozzy--Anthony/ C Moody
3rd ? - H Authur
4th ? M Judas

Hope these are correct........
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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