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Anything going yet???
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Thanks to all posting results!
Qualifying results:

1st: 13 - Bella - J. Darnell
2nd: 19 - Denali - J. Darnell
3rd: 25 - Max - R. Dallesasse
4th: 22 - Angus - L. Stinson
RJ: 17 - Frank - J. Kornman
JAM: 2 - Roxie - J. Darnell
JAM: 4 - Gumbeaux - F. Landry
JAM: 9 - Cheery - P. Heye
JAM: 23 - Legend - D. Wegner
JAM: 29 - Moon - S. Harp

Way to go Dan, congrats! Nice work to bring the gal around!
Amateur results (from memory)
1st # 9 Bogusky
2nd #26 Harris
3rd # 25 Washburn
4th # 39 Buster Brown
RJ # 47 Blank
Jam # 11 Fleming

Great grounds, great help, nice people, lots of nice dogs to judge, hope the contestants had as much fun as Dan and Ed did!
Congrats on Sweet's win, but was it Linda or Tom that ran her? No offfense Tom, but I'm hoping it was Linda! :D
Congratulations Bill and Ammo! You guys are on a roll!
Congrats on Sweet's win, but was it Linda or Tom that ran her? No offfense Tom, but I'm hoping it was Linda! :D
Both I think
To drive 800 extra miles, spend an extra day's expenses and run under Mitch and Ed as well as Kurt and Dan was only part of the reason. To see the families of the members and contestants helping to put on a very organized and sociallly relaxing trial-no Nazis, Czars or self appointed marshalls. The tests were very well thought out, the call backs were understandable and the trial was fun! When have we last seen a group of contestants AND spouses all pitch in? Phil& Mary Heye, Denise&Jeff Turner, Trey& Dana Lawrence, Martha&Paul Blank,Walt Maki and Jennifer, then Tim Kreher, Brooks Gibson, the Bougsky grandson. What a thrill to watch Jewell Huddleston and Bandit start to rise to the top as a team, to meet 3 "new" people who are not in the 1% and who are being mentored by Ron Ainley. The weekend shows that if the judges are 1) honest 2) knowledgable as to the rules, conditions and know dog behavior people will enjoy themselves. The awarding of jams was deserving(apparently some recent "Judges" have felt that if they award a JAM that it is belittling to those who placed. If that abnormal ignorance;-) prevails (Contrary to the supplement recommendations) those who act in that manner will really cut the future entries-while most of us are trying to perpetuate the game we will assure our demise.See Red River Open, Central Arkansas Open-pretty unpleasant ending for most who successfully completed. BLUEGRASS Retriever Club you guys did a great job and we thank you all. Eva, Sophie, Nora and Lanse
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Open Results:
1st - Lassie O/H Martha Blank Qualifies for National Amateur
2nd - Player O/Jackie McKay H/Trey Lawrence
3rd - Ammo O/H Bill Petrovish
4th - Diamond O/H Jimmie Darnell
RJam - ????
Jam - Bandit - O/H Jewel Huddleston
Jam - ?????
Jam - ?????
Jam - ?????

Amateur had 9 going to the watermarks:

Sergio may have had the nineth dog too. EdA & Dan wouldn't let me play anymore:( so I'm home watching the Ky game and my book is in the truck.....
Good Job Ammo...I believe third week in a row with a placement in Open or Amateur. Not bad for a brown dog:)
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