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Which set of books will bring in the most money for the club?

  • 1. "Smartwork I", "Smartwork II", "Smartfetch"

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2. "Successful Duck Hunting", Successful Turkey Hunting", "Successful Small Game Hunting"

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Books for Auction -- which ones?

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My wife and I are going to donate 3 books for the auction at the N.W. Regionals. The folks there will, of course, be handlers and hunters of various capabilities.

Which set of books would be most likely to bring in the most money on auction for the host Club?
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I voted against the tide. I think, given the venue, that people would be more interested in the hunting books. Nothing wrong with the Smartworks books, but at a Regional event, the dogs are, um, already trained! :D

Of course, I am just guessing here.

Then again, you could donate BOTH sets of books and run the experiment yourself.

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